Upcoming: An antimicrobial film for hospital surfaces

Maximilian Kosel and Florian Vogt discuss the large-scale collaborative project they are currently involved in, which seeks to combat microbial surface contamination in hospitals in a safe and economic way…

In-line metrology for roll-to-roll UV assisted nanoimprint lithography using diffractometry

We describe and discuss the optical design of a diffractometer to carry out in-line quality control during roll-to-roll nanoimprinting. The tool measures diffractograms in reflection geometry, through an aspheric lens to gain fast, non-invasive information of any changes to the critical dimensions of target grating structures. A stepwise tapered linear grating with constant period was fabricated in order to detect the variation in grating linewidth through diffractometry. The minimum feature change detected was ∼40 nm to a precision of 10 nm. The diffractometer was then integrated with a roll-to-roll UV assisted nanoimprint lithography machine to gain dynamic measurements in situ.
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Roll-to-roll production system for cost-efficient manufacturing of extensive antimicrobial adhesive films

From bed rails, tray tables, telephones and alarm buttons to furnishings, door handles or taps: Hospitals are hotbeds for bacteria, which can lead to life-threatening infections in fragile patients. The EU project “FLEXPOL” brings together a consortium of research and industry partners from Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Germany to develop a pilot line for the manufacturing of cost-efficient antimicrobial adhesive films. These films are applied to large-area surfaces around patients in order to reduce the risk of contamination. The combination of material and surface structure can kill various germs and inhibit bacterial growth with a targeted efficacy of 99 percent – this will not only ensure the health protection of both patients and medical staff but also yield a considerable economic benefit due to reduced expenditures for detergents and sanitizers.
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Roll-to-roll, a system to manufacture adhesive films with antimicrobial activity (2nd May, 2017)

IIS Biodonostia and Donostia University Hospital are participating in the European project “FLEXPOL,” developing a pilot line for the efficient, low-cost production of antimicrobial adhesive films, validating the film’s activity and valuing its efficacy, durability and resistance, in addition to other elements. Safety rails on the sides of beds, auxiliary trays, telephones and alarm buttons, furniture, handles or taps. Patient rooms and other hospital areas are places where the bacteria found on different surfaces can end up leading to infection. For the most vulnerable patients, these infections can be quite serious.
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