Project Status

M30 Meeting

The M30 meeting was held in San Sebastian, hosted by Osakidetza. The partners were able to discuss progress in structuring and compositions of essential oils within the FLEXPOL film. Furthermore, several options for further exploitation of the technologies and patent strategies were discussed.

M24 Meeting

The partners discussed the project status and the subsequent procedure within two fruitful days in Braga, Portugal. The meeting has been hosted by 3B’s Research Group, located in Braga.

Proof-of-concept of continous film structuring

Continuous replication of micropillars into PP is proven to work.

Replication of structures on large surfaces

The elements of the film elaborated beforehand are now implemented to create flexible nickel shims with different sizes to be fitted into the embossing drum of the roll-to-roll nanoimprinting setup for posterior continuous polypropylene nanostructuring.

Extrusion of films with encapsulated oils

Nanocapsules with essential oils can be incorporated into polypropylene (PP) matrices and withstand compounding and film extrusion processes.

Encapsulated oils in polymer matrices

First essential oils are encapsulated in polymer matrix and extruded by AIMPLAS

Change in consortium

AIMPLAS completes the consortium substituting SO.F.TER

M18 Meeting

The M18 meeting was held in Torino, Italy on the 12th-13th july 2018. The project partners discussed the latest developments within the project. Due to a change within the consortium partners, some small adjustments within the project plan had to be made, however we are looking forward to finish the project on time with a great result.

Comprehensive antimicrobial tests

Antimicrobial effect of the film is proven.

Business plan concretisation and communication plan

Analysis of primary markets and other potential niches for project results. Steering plan for all communication activities regarding the project.

Knowledge data base

Ensure full traceability of data, information and documentation in the Flexpol project by intuitive web-based app. The app can be configured for specific user groups and applications, enabling the Flexpol partners to find and add information quickly, and use it.

Replication of structures

Batch-to-batch nanoimprinting of hierarchical microstructures on different polymer materials.

M12 Meeting

M12 Meeting

The first year of the Flexpol project is over. The results of our development within the last 12 month were discussed in the M12 meeting. Therefore all partners met at Alicante on the 23rd-24th January 2018. It was a fruitful meeting with a lot of discussion.

Identification of application surfaces

Conduction of medical study to identify most bacteria-loaded surfaces in hospital environments. Detailed charackterization of 458 samples from 116 items in 18 categories.

Workshop for medical product certification

Detailed elaboration of certification and legislation options for the final product. Selection of class 1 certificaton as preferred target option for the Flexpol film.

Hierarchical micro-structures on Silicon substrates

Fabrication and test of Silicon master for antimicrobial behaviour and selection of designs and patterns to realize the working stamps for the Flexpol film production.

Encapsulated chemicals

Selection and characterisation of the most adequate active pure antimicrobial compounds and encapsulation agents to be used in the antimicrobial coatings for target bacteria.

M6 Meeting

After the first 6 month of work, the Flexpol project partners met in Eibar, Spain on the 6th and 7th of july 2017. The first Deliverables were presented and current project status was discussed. On the technical issue, especially research on the material design & formulation, the creation of the topography and first testing of antimicrobial films was done so far. Up to now we are on track and the first results are looking good!

Requirements specification (surface structure and chemicals)

Focus on hierarchical microstructures. Characterization and purification of compounds responsible for exploitable antimicrobial activity against target bacteria (especially those with incidence in clinical contamination, Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms including multi-resistant clinical strains). In particular, chemicals with high antimicrobial potential have been considered.



The Kick-Off meeting was held in Aachen, Germany on the 25th and 26th of January 2017. The Flexpol partners discussed the planned project steps and got to know each other. We are looking forward for an exciting project!