Universidad de Alicante

The University of Alicante (UA) educates and trains more than 36.000 students and offers more than 80 undergraduate and 96 postgraduate  programmes.  The participation in European projects has been increasing in the last years, taking part in 24FP6, 48 FP7 and 16 H2020 projects. Not only Framework Programme but also Lifelong Learning Programmes: 32 Erasmus+, 6 Erasmus Mundus, 65 Tempus and 35 Lifelong Learning Projects, among other, which gives UA presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. A detailed list of ongoing and finalized projects with UA participation can be found in the following link: http://goo.gl/QiL3om. The UA and more specifically  Prof. Alfonso Jiménez, Head of research group  on Polymer and Nanomaterials Analysis (NANOBIOPOL), have vast experience in the extraction of essential oils from natural sources and their use in advanced applications.


Professor Alfonso Jiménez
Phone +34 965909660
Head of Research Group on Polymer and Nanomaterials Analysis (NANOBIOPOL)
Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department
Campus San Vicente del Raspeig, 03690
Alicante, Spain