SO.F.TER. GROUP is one of the largest European compounders, acknowledged on the market for its broad offering of engineered polymers and tailor-made solutions. The wide technological and manufacturing capabilities, ranging from Thermoplastic Elastomers to Engineering Plastics, combined with high-level expertise in key industrial sectors enable SO.F.TER. to offer its customers innovative and customized solutions, with a particular specialization in the automotive, appliance, construction, sports and footwear industries. In 2016 the SO.F.TER. GROUP has been acquired by CELANESE, a global technology leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications.


SO.F.TER.’s former responsibility in the FLEXPOL project was to produce the PP compound with embedded nanocapsules containing essential oil emulsions, to scale-up the compounding process, including the recycling of the anti-microbial film, and to contribute to the characterization of the additivated PP-based material.


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