Propagroup Spa

Leader in the market for almost fifty years, PROPAGROUP S.p.A. is an Italian SME specialized in design, production and distribution of packing products and systems to preserve goods mainly against humidity, corrosion and shocks.

Propagroup started off business in the distribution of traditional packaging and has continued to evolve since then, specializing in the field of safety packing for protection of every kind of product under the severest transport and storage conditions. Within the years, Propagroup has continuously sought for innovative multifunctional packaging solutions focusing on R&D and technological advances.

Propagroup products and systems are designed and produced in close partnership with Customers to deliver custom-made solutions for preventing all types of damage which, if not considered, could reduce or destroy the value of the finished product, nullifying the efforts made to achieve the high quality standards required by the market.

Propagroup pays also a great attention to sustainability and environmental impact of its products and production processes, always trying to use highly recyclable or reusable materials as well as fostering a responsible use of resources and energy.

Propagroup was one of the first companies specialized in design and production of materials, devices and accessories for protection and prevention of products during transport and storage to be certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001-2004.


In FLEXPOL, Propagroup will be involved in the following WPs:

WP1  supporting the FLEXPOL consortium in material design and formulation, providing small amount of functionalized PP films for testing purpose;

WP4  contributing to the development of the FLEXPOL pilot line, implementing a line for film extrusion production with related characterization;

WP7  being involved in IPR and dissemination activities.


S. D. Crapanzano
R&D Director
Phone +39.011.9507762
Via Genova 5/B
10098 Rivoli To, Italy

R. Mortera
R&D Senior Researcher
Phone +39.011.9507866
Via Genova 5/B
10098 Rivoli To, Italy