IK4-TEKNIKER is a private non-profit research organisation founded in 1981 with over 270 researchers and a turnover of about €23M in 2015. Besides, IK4 Tekniker is part of the IK4 Research Alliance that comprises 9 Basque technological centres with a turnover of €112M and 1,500 researchers. Micro-Nano manufacturing, Electronics and Smart System activities are closely related in IK4 Tekniker, aiming to integrate the expertise of their main technology areas to support key industrial and service sectors in non-conventional system development. IK4-Tekniker works on four different Research Areas: Advance Manufacturing, Surface Engineering (http://www.tekniker.es/en/surface-engineering), TICs and Product Engineering. The goal of Surface Engineering is to improve material properties by providing them with different functionalities. This research area works modifying the surface topography by nanoimprinting, UV-Photolithography or short-pulses laser ablation as well as modifying surface properties by thin-films coatings by Physical Vapor Deposition, Sol-gel or Plasma electrolytic oxidation.


IK4-Tekniker will work on designing and developing hierarchical structures based on micro and nanofeatures to inhibit bacteria and fungi binding as well as antibacterial surfaces based on high aspect ratio nanofeatures. IK4-Tekniker will also work on stamp fabrication replicating the original masters created in silicon as well as pattern transference to target polymers by batch-to-batch nanoimprinting and following a continuous nanoimprinting process. IK4-Tekniker will also take advantage from its surface engineering characterization lab to study the mechanical properties and aesthetic behavior against time of the polymers films according to different international standards.


Santos Merino
Phone +34 943 20 67 44
IK4-Tekniker, Surface Chemisty and Nanotechnologies Unit
Parke, Teknologikoa
C/ Iñaki Goenaga, 5
20600 Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain