FLEXPOL technology tackles the globally growing problem of bacterial infections by providing a completely new way of surface sterilization. The continuous demographic shift and increasing average age in western societies coupled with increasing urbanization and densely populated cities implies the need for clean and sterile human interaction. By developing a globally applicable solution for surface sterilization FLEXPOL copes with the challenge of a global infection potential and respects the people’s increased consciousness for health. The overall impact can be described as the reduction of infections germs. This leads to fewer infections, less antibiotics, lower hospitalization cost, less sick-days, less fatalities as well as less usage of chemical detergents and an enhanced epidemic control. The fields of application have been identified as health care, public transportation, consumer goods, construction as well as the vision to impact the food & drink production in the future.

Health Care

In the health care sector close contact surfaces in hospitals (operating room surfaces, surgery equipment and wound care) as well as residential homes can be sterilized. An especially high impact can be achieved in the field of  prosthetic device infections due to the immense efforts and costs required to surgically replace an implant. A potential leverage is the increasing number of
hospital and doctor appointments due to the increasing consciousness for  health.

Public Transportation

With the trends of growing population and urbanization public transport becomes a crucial determinant for a city’s infrastructure. At the same time public transport is known for its infection risk due to the amount of people in a closed environment. FLEXPOL can not only contribute to the sterilization of surfaces in busses, aircrafts or car-sharing vehicles but also to public restrooms in transportation hubs and airports.

Consumer Goods

Bacteria live on mobile or tablet device surfaces. Every tap, swipe and phone call results in further exposure of the touch surface. With the rapid growth of touch-enabled devices, this is becoming a growing concern. But not only mobile devices can be a carrier of germs. A variety of consumer goods e.g. toys, utilities or computers offer application potential for FLEXPOL’s  antibacterial film.


Due to the high amount of people entering and leaving at all times, offices as well as public buildings bear many potential sources for infection e.g. door handles, elevators or desks and counters. Especially for employers who are highly interested in limiting the risk of contagion in order to maintain productivity value can be generated. By applying FLEXPOL’s technology in the construction industry the risk of infection can be minimized and companies’ productivity maintained.

Food & Drink Production

The food and drink production is characterized by especially high standards regarding the hygiene during production and processing in order to ensure a safe consumer product. According to the World Packaging Organizationm, one of the most important ongoing trends is the development of sustainable lightweight packaging products with enhanced antimicrobial properties. To meet companies’ quality management and -assurance requirements, the antimicrobial solution can be applied to processing equipment as well as infectious livestock environments. The possibility to introduce FLEXPOL antimicrobial materials in the packaging sector could be a leading-factor to address all of these future challenges.