Euler Team Denies Blockchain Sleuth Suspected in $195M Hack

• Officer’s Notes, a pseudonymous Twitter user and blockchain investigator, believes they may have been a suspect in the $195 million Euler Finance hack.
• The Euler team denied that Officer’s Notes was a suspect, claiming instead that the researcher was helpful in the investigation.
• Officer’s Notes complied with a data request from the Euler team but expressed remorse for handing out this information.

Investigator Claims Suspicion in Hack Case

The pseudonymous Twitter user and blockchain investigator Officer’s Notes claims to have been targeted as a suspect in the $195 million Euler Finance hack. In an April 4th tweet thread, they stated “seems like I was a suspect in this case, as usual.”

Euler Team Denies Suspect Status

In response to this claim, the Euler team denies that Officer’s Notes was ever considered a suspect. They state instead that the researcher was helpful during their investigation of the hack. This includes them being woken up in the middle of the night and asked for access data logs from their Crypto Op Sec Self Guard repository on GitHub.

Data Requested by Euler Team

Officer’s notes complied with this request after being told it was crucial for their investigation. This included supplying IP addresses of people who had visited their repository, which they afterwards voiced regret over due to potential violation of readers’ privacy rights.

Officer’s Note’s Reaction

Despite feeling like they were being treated as a possible suspect, Officer’s Notes protested this notion due to lack of time available to commit any such crime: “Really, if I wanted to hack the protocol, would I be in my third year of blogging and working? Please think about it.”


In conclusion, while Officer’s Notes may have felt targeted by Euler during their investigation into the $195 million hack case, it appears no suspicion actually rested on them and their help proved invaluable during problem-solving attempts.

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